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The company that is now known as PPM Tree Service & Arbor Care was actually established almost twenty years ago, and went through a significant evolutionary process. When we began our operations, we were actually a one man show, providing services relating to lawn maintenance and care. For the first seven years, the business gradually expanded into removal of snow, and then began to have firewood for sale. Then in 2005, tree services became incorporated in the menu of jobs that served the customers of the surrounding region. It did not take long for that to become the main business. Therefore, in 2008, the name of the business was changed to what we are known as today. However, while our name and services may have expanded since we started our company, our top quality workmanship has remained a constant in everything we do. The growth of our business speaks to that fact, as do the reviews available for reading on our site. Now that we have come to Ann Arbor, we aim to continue our stellar service to a whole new group of clients. PPM Tree Service has what many of our competitors do not. One of them is the fact that our owner is a certified arborist. Having long ago been certified by the International Society of Arboriculture, he he is able to provide expert insight towards any problem with trees that much of our local competition will lack. Our first key service is tree trimming. This exercise not only makes your tree look better, but did you know that it actually has many health benefits as well? However, it takes the knowledge and expertise of a trained professional to reliably do it right. Cutting too many wrong branches can actually end up killing your tree. Our staff is the best qualified and formally trained to handle this task. Unfortunately, sometimes trees will die, or sicken beyond repair. Or, they will end up getting struck by lightning or uprooted by wind during a violent storm. If a tree cannot be saved, our tree removal service is at your call. Our emergency line is available 24 hours a day, every day of the week. This is another task that is far too dangerous for an amateur with a ladder. People have been killed by getting too close to collapsing trees. We not only have the right staff, but the right equipment to deal with this problem. An additional service is our stump grinding, so you are not left with an ugly remnant in your yard of what was once a beautiful tree. In our business, between the trimming and the removal, we get our hands on quite a bit of wood. When these jobs have been completed, we haul away the remaining wood. Some of it will be disposed of. However, we pick out the suitable pieces and season them, storing them correctly so they will dry out and make for impressive quality grades of firewood. Our seasoned firewood is available to heat your home in winter with a beautiful ambiance. Our company will be of great use to you in that we offer tree services that you should definitely not do on your own. We will do the job right the first time, every time. And rest assured, it will come with an affordable price tag. You will always get the better end of the deal. Now serving the Ann Arbor region, call us today for more information.

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